Vague Ideas that Change Millions

Science is terribly fascinating and holds hidden gems of mystery. People have taken concepts and ideas and have influenced millions of people with them, even through each person may experience the idea differently.

Qualia is the term used for individual perceptions of things or ideas.

Unique Color Pallet

There is no way for you to know if I see the same color green or red as you do. It is simply unmeasurable.

What’s worse is I have Deutan colorblindness (a form of red/green where my yellows, oranges, and reds get mixed up too much). I simply don’t see the same colors as other people.

Yet, color theory and the psychology of colors is a big thing.

Even though I could be perceiving your green as my blue, we grew up labeling things a specific way, according to the teachings of our parents and teachers.

What if we took a pair of polarized contacts and put them on a baby. Would they grow up seeing purple, but calling it brown?

We are trained in color. We have associations in our minds that are linked to specific colors. Quick… What food do you think of when I say ‘yellow?’ Most often it’s bananas… but what if we took off those crazy contacts from the baby Would your brain adjust quickly? Would you have to make new associations in your mind?

The Soul/Person’s Spirit Governs the Individual

Based on a religious view, millions of people become activists and knowledge experts on what the soul is and what it is not.

The soul has a range, from defining both your hunk of flesh (dead or alive), smashed together into one being to simply your personality.

I am no expert in religious texts or 4-year seminary graduate. I don’t have a degree in theology and ancient texts. It’s still surprising how many different views on the soul there are.

In my inexperience, I have heard the soul/spirit of a person:

  • is matter, but can’t be measured
    • save some random hearsay evidence of deathbed patients and a scale
  • is not bothered by gravity
  • may appear at any time and place
  • carries your personality around
  • is a mature being smashed into a baby’s body when born
  • contains all the knowledge you will ever know in this life
  • becomes tainted or dirty when performing sins
  • grants access to free will
  • takes shape as a perfect human
  • can intermingle with other spirits
  • cannot touch physical things
  • can control a physical body (possession and/or inhabitation)
  • radiates light
  • is unique and distinct
  • can don on spiritual garments
  • is made up of the same stuff as other spiritual matter
  • and more…

Pretty impressive stuff, this spirit.

You may embrace the spirit of people and change your opinions and decisions based on what impacts a physical body may make on your/another’s spirit.

I stand in confusion with how to put all the pieces together. If I could follow it, hallelujah.

Utopia Can Be Built

We all know what a dystopia looks like; a hell-ridden place that’s terrible to live in for everyone.

Utopia is an excellent concept: a perfect government and living society, beloved by all.

Many stories use Utopian societies that appear perfect until broken down and analyzed.

Regardless of the origins of Utopia by Sir Thomas More to actually mean both ‘not a place’ and ‘good place,’ we strive to develop the societies we live in to benefit everyone.

Unfortunately, we will never obtain this place. People’s viewpoints are too different. What may be Utopia for you could be Dystopia for another.

Humans Have Rights

I may be going back into religion a bit here, but bear with me a minute.

Rights are not developed by God. They are made up by man.

If God gave rights to people… he’d give them to all people, not only to the countries with 1st world problems.

There is no country in the world that has the same rights declared, delivered, or passed to its people.

Americans constantly say that rights come from God himself. We declare it through our Declaration of Independence. It’s odd to have slaveowners say that all men are equal and all people have the right to live and pursue happiness during a war.

Rights may be removed by government and people simply out of fear.

Conclusion: tl;dr

There are many broad and vague ideas about how the world and people work. Some of these ideas are too broad to understand. Other ideas are simply contradictory.

Violets are red and roses are blue, Utopia is a government with equal rights too.

We should all pursue happiness and goodness in life. What we should not do is place our morals and standings on other people.

Different wrong.