Creatine the Friendly Monster

I have never taken performing drugs in my life… unless you count Snickers bars as a drug. Now, I’m taking creatine.

Recently, I’ve been taking creatine and enjoying the benefits, and the concerns.

creatine molecular structure

Is Creatine Safe for My Body?

I am scared about taking anything into my body that may hurt it, except apparently, sugar and ice-cream. I don’t take any coffee, tea, alcohol, or drugs that are or were illicit. You may take pain medication, I don’t.

Needless to say, creatine was not in my sights for a long time. It looked like a substance that may harm my body.

I looked at the research and the  risks and dangers it may have. Turns out that most of the studies against the product are on edge cases and with already failing body parts.

Creatine is safe for normal use and well tested.

What is Creatine?

Your liver and kidneys make creatine. Your muscles need energy quickly when doing high-intensity workouts. Muscles use ATP as an energy source in their time of need. Creatine makes for quick ATP.

Creatine can also come naturally by eating red meats and fish. Taking creatine as a supplement is the easiest and cheapest way to intake your desired amount.

Your kidneys filter out creatine after your blood removes it from your muscles.

That’s it. Creatine is muscle battery power. Kidneys create and clean the stuff.

What is Happening to My Body?!

I got scared quickly after starting to use the product. There are many different forms of creatine and other products mixed in. I didn’t know which products and additives were good or bad.

I use a creatine monohydrate which doesn’t dissolve well in water, but the body picks it up just fine. Another amino acid was added to the powder and created a tingling sensation in my arms and legs.

This shook me and was unexpected. Why does it feel like I had just released my arm from a blood trap (wife on arm while watching movie comes to mind)?

I found out that the added amino acid was the culprit and not the creatine itself. The sensation is not bad. I am actually happy with it, knowing that the substance is working.


I don’t have much to input here. I have not benchmarked my workout routine and could not define performance gains to an exact number.

My body does feel like it has the energy it needs to go through an entire workout till full-breakdown of the muscles. The bottle-neck now is more muscle failure than mental failure.

It’s time to get stronger.

I’ve moved the needle since I started supplementing.  I have gained 6 lbs of water weight in 2 days and have not lost it; quite a bit.

Conclusion: tl;dr

Creatine is a natural substance in your body. You can take substances or eat protein to get it.

There are different forms and each should weigh-in on the pros and cons of taking any different forms.

So far, so good. Lots of water weight to hold onto, but my workouts are full-blown. I don’t see myself stopping use in the near future.