A Mario Story – How Luigi Won

My son is working on his story writing. Of course, he starts with a story he’s terribly focused on, Mario.

We started with a lesson about narrative diagramming and plotting our stories. His looked like this:

First starts out sad, then happy, then really bad something, then happy.

The difficulty was to influence a genuine story from a six-year-old. He was compelled to simply repeat exactly what happened in the game. About half way through his page, we made a breakthrough with the word crazy.

After he wrote his page, we spent some time talking about the story and expanding to write on here. This entire story is in his words/voice.

Still need to work on developing stories on his own without simply telling what is happening in the game Super Mario galaxy.

How Luigi Won

Luigi was alone because he flew to a galaxy without Mario. Mario was not there in time. Sorry, that’s not what I meant to say. I meant to say that Luigi didn’t get on the launch star in time.

Luigi got there before Mario did because he had an original plan; to go before Mario to see Lumas build him another launch star back because he didn’t leave on the launch star on time.

Okay. They flew to Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor. The Robot Reactor had 3 legs. The Robot Reactor was huge because he wanted it to stomp on Luigi really hard.

The worst thing was they got to the top of the Robot Reactor and blew up the first cage and then the second cage got up. Other cannons got out of their holes to kill both Mario and Luigi, but then Luigi just got to the turney-things and one of them turned him down onto the planet and not the Robot Reactor anymore.

Luigi blew up the Robot Reactor but the Grand Star wasn’t there.

“Bowser Jr. took it,” Luigi said.

Mario and Luigi saw Lumas going crazy because the pieces of the Robot Reactor were flying back together again.

The Robot Reactor got back together after a minute.

The Robot Reactor almost stomped on Luigi. He was knocked out.

Luigi got up and jumped so high with a gun that shoots Bullet Bills. Luigi took one shot and broke the glass and blew up the Robot Reactor.

Luigi got the Grand Star. They flew back to the Observatory. The Grand Star flew back to the beacon and some of the power was restored.

A new galaxy appeared in a new dome.

Mario and Luigi went to the new galaxy in the new dome.

The End